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Our solutions

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Our solutions are based on core expertise in specific areas.


TSL Legal offers professional debt book management and collection. This includes providing legal advisory as needed to recover your debt.


TSL Telecommunications and Automation partners with you to improve your operational efficiency and performance – using technology. We bring you the latest telecoms and automation solutions, including “intelligent” machinery and devices.


Our property management division offers an end-to-end service. From upkeep and maintenance all the way through to tenant management and rent collection, we work with you to realise your long-term asset management and investment goals.


TSL Water specialises in water purification – focusing primarily on reverse osmosis. Our six-stage water purification process eliminates all toxins, poisons, bacteria and viruses.  We provide home, commercial and semi-industrial water filtration machines, as well as supplying refills and parts. We also assist with servicing and maintenance.

TSL Legal
TSL Telecomms
TSL Property
TSL Water
TSL iLearn

TSL iLearn offers an inspiring approach to learning. In an attempt to empower South African youth, TSL iLearn offers industry-standard learnerships to matriculants who were unable to get into university or find a job. 

Keep an eye out on this page - we will be developing TSL iLearn website shortly


Our approach

All of our work is geared towards growth and legacy creation.


We are target driven – going the extra mile to wow and delight our customers and clients.


Our team approach reflects this. We promote the inclusion of youth and women wherever possible, with a strong focus on their ongoing development.



We’re a proudly transformed and black woman-owned and led company, with a Level 1 B-BBEE rating.

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